Get Your Vision Back With Cataract Eye Surgery

A cataract is an eye problem that usually results in cloudy vision. The eye’s lens fogs up, making it increasingly difficult for you to focus on specific objects and see things well (especially at night).

A cataract is caused by the breakdown of proteins in the lens of the eye. This breakdown can be caused be a variety of factors, including diabetes, medications like corticosteroids, and simply increasing age. It’s a fairly common problemcataract eye surgery in those over age sixty and one that may progress slowly or quickly and produce adverse effects. However, simply having a cataract doesn’t mean that cataract surgery is necessary.

Changing glasses may restore useful vision for a while, but the only permanent solution to decreased vision due to cataracts is cataract surgery which removes the cloudy lens once and for all. The surgery is very safe and has also proven very effective in restoring the vision of treated patients.

At Dean R Forgey, MD, we provide evaluations for cataracts to determine if cataract eye surgery is necessary and if it is, making sure that the process to get you to and through surgery is as smooth as possible. During cataract surgery, your natural lens is removed by breaking it into small pieces and vacuuming them from the eye. The natural lens is replaced by a new plastic intraocular lens. The surgery usually takes less than an hour.

Cataract surgery is an outpatient procedure and does not require a lot of downtime. You will need to avoid bending, lifting and driving for a few days. Other than that, you will be fully capable of going about your daily business! The healing process will take a few weeks and during that time medicated eye drops will be used to decrease inflammation and the risk of infection. It is very important that you use them as directed..

Cataracts cloud your vision, hindering your lifestyle. Can you not drive at night because of your eyes? Is it hard to see and focus on small details? Is a cataract making your life miserable? If you want to get your vision back, talk to your Dr Forgey about getting cataract eye surgery. You will not regret your decision to find out more.

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