What to Do After Cataract Removal

Congratulations on having your cataract removed! Although your eye problem has been treated, you are still left with the responsibility to take care of your newly-treated eyes. Cataract surgery will make your eyes more sensitive to infection and other complications, especially during the first few weeks of your recovery.

Don’t worry. Dr. Forgey will ensure you get aftercare instructions that will help aid and speed up the healing process! Here are some of the things you can expect after your eye operation.

  1. Expect blurry vision a few days after your cataract surgery.

Although signs and symptoms experienced after an operation may vary from one individual to another, you could experience blurring of the vision during the first few days after your cataract has been removed. Don’t fret; this is a normal occurrence. This is the effect that your eyes produce as they heal and adjust to their new environment.

  1. Itching and discomfort can occur after surgery.

A day or two following cataract surgery, you can experience itching and mild discomfort in your treated eyes. While this is so, avoid making pushing or rubbing motions to the eyes to alleviate the symptoms. Dr. Forgey may recommend you wear an eye patch that will protect the eyes during your recovery. A protective shield can be worn especially when sleeping.

  1. Complete healing usually occurs after eight weeks.

Medications and eye drops may be prescribed to you by Dr. Forgey in order to reduce inflammation and other side effects, control eye pressure, and minimize your risk for infection. It is important to religiously take prescription meds in order to promote complete healing, which usually happens after eight weeks.

Cataract Surgery in Lincoln, NE

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