About Us

More options than ever

Dr. Forgey is an accredited and highly specialized Ophthalmologist. From eye examinations to surgical procedures, you can count on our results and advanced treatments to see your best in Lincoln, NE.

Remember, whatever your eye care needs may be, we’re here for you.

Preventative care

The best way to treat most eye and vision problems is to prevent them before a full onset. Our eye examinations are thorough, painless, and best of all can be done right here in our Lincoln office. With consistent routine exams, we can prevent many problems before they even happen.

Glaucoma and diabetic treatments

At Dean R Forgey, MD we have extensive experience with glaucoma treatments. Glaucoma is the third most popular cause of blindness in the modern world. By providing state-of-the-art technology to trace glaucoma before it becomes too severe, medication and surgery options can be explored to curtail the severity of the condition.

Corrective surgery

Sometimes permanent vision correction can be achieved through corrective surgery. We provide a variety of surgical treatment options including corneal transplants. Our Lincoln office provides thorough eye examinations that will help us to determine the best treatment options available to you.

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