Your Eyes Are Precious: Keep Them Safe!

Your eyes are fragile! Once they are injured, there may be little that can be done to reverse the outcome. Depending on the injury, surgery may be necessary to save the eye, but may not allow the return of normal vision. It isEye Injuries not possible to replace certain parts of the eye and if one of those parts has been injured, you may never see well again.

Knowing this, it is best for everyone to know how to take care of our eyes. A single blow or injury to the eye may be all that’s necessary to take away your vision. Do not wait for the worst to happen. Know how to prevent an eye injury or trauma with the following helpful tips:

  • Wear protective eye gear before engaging in any hazardous activity. It is important that safety gear is worn when dealing with dangerous occupations or activities. Safety glasses should be used, especially when working with tools that have a motor or create flying particles. In the case of chemicals, wearing goggles can help protect the eyes from possible harm. This can also apply to sports that involve the use of a ball or any flying object.
  • Keep dangerous tools out of children’s reach. Children can be a bit curious with just about everything, so be careful not to place sharp objects in places they could easily reach. Those sharp edges can damage the eyes when given the chance.
  • Discard those laser pointers. Children, and even some adults, can be fond of using laser pointers. However, some of them, like the green laser pointers, have wave lengths that can cause permanent damage to the retina and permanent visual loss. Anyone who uses such tool should be careful not to point it directly towards anyone’s eyes.

In case of any trauma or injury to the eye, don’t wait, seek professional help right away. To book an appointment with Dr. Forgey, call us at (402) 483-2323 today. We look forward to hearing from you!


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