What You Should Know About Eye Infections

Our eyes are a critical part of the body, and deserve attentive care to keep them healthy. If your eyes are exposed to bacteria, fungi, or viruses, you may acquire an eye infection. Here are some facts on eye infections that you need to know.

  • An eye infection can be minor or serious and can affect one or both eyes depending on the cause of theeye infection infection..
  • Swelling, redness, change in vision, and pain are symptoms of an infected eye. There may also be watery or bloody discharges from one or both eyes.
  • Some patients may complain of increased sensitivity to light or blurred vision when there is an infection.
  • Irritation and minor eye injuries can lead to infection. Foreign materials that enter the eye can increase the risk of an infection.
  • People who use contact lenses are prone to infections. If you wear contact lenses and suspect that you are starting to develop an eye infection, remove your contact lenses right away and wear your glasses instead.
  • There are other eye conditions which share these symptoms, so just because you have some of the symptoms doesn’t mean you have an infection. Your eye doctor has to determine if you have an infection and then the cause the infection in order to treat it.
  • Minor infections may be treated with drops to control the infection and inflammation. Minor infections will sometimes turn into serious infections if not treated promptly.
  • Serious infections can lead to permanent loss of vision and occasionally loss of the eye and require diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible..
  • Treatment could involve antibiotic eye drops, pills and injections depending on the severity. .

Do you have the symptoms of an eye infection? Know the cause and get treatment from a trusted eye doctor. Call us today at (402) 483-2323 to book an appointment with Dr. Forgey. We look forward to hearing from you!

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