Why You Need a Corneal Transplant

The cornea is an important part of the eye. It is the clear “window” at the front of the eye that we look through to see. When an infection in thecorneal transplant cornea occurs, it can create a scar and the ‘window” becomes cloudy. If the window is cloudy enough, it will need to be replaced with a new, functional cornea to restore vision.

The Need for Corneal Transplant

Not everyone with corneal damage requires a transplant. A corneal transplant is often recommended to bring back one’s vision, especially when the central cornea involving the “line-of-sight” is damaged. It can also be done to lessen pain and other uncomfortable symptoms related to corneal problems.

A corneal transplant may be recommended for other corneal conditions, including Fuchs’ dystrophy, corneal ulcers, a thin cornea, scarring in the cornea due to injury or infection, swelling in the cornea, or a clouding in this part of the eye. Other eye surgeries may produce complications that can damage the cornea and require a corneal transplant as well.

The Results of a Corneal Transplant

Vision is typically restored after a corneal transplant. The results of your surgery depend upon your current condition, your health status, and the reason you required the transplant to start with. However, corneal transplant is significant eye surgery and there are issues that may arise after surgery that need to be monitored. Rejection of the cornea may occur, which is why regular visits to your eye doctor are very important after surgery.

Corneal Transplant in Lincoln, NE

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