The Refraction – An Important Part of Most Eye Exams

The refraction is the part of the eye exam used to determine the prescription for glasses or contacts. The refraction may appear to be just another part of a routine examination of the eyes, but it is vital, especially for those who have prescribed eyeglasses or contact lenses. It is also necessaryeye exams to repeat the refraction every year or two because the eyes, and refraction, change over time.

Although this procedure may not be new to everyone, some still do not have any idea on how the test goes. Here is what happens during your appointment with an eye doctor.

1. Your eyes will be assessed by your eye doctor, initially, as to how light passes naturally through your lens and cornea. This will help them determine if there are problems with these parts of the eye that will interfere with your ability to see. This step is done by simply shining a light source into your eye and looking at the eye with a microscope.

2. Your eye doctor will do a refraction to determine the prescription you might need by using a piece of equipment known as a phoroptor. This machine usually looks like a mask with holes to allow your eyes to see through.

3. A chart of letters will be placed in front of you, about 20 feet away. Your eyes will then be tested one at a time by allowing you to read the letters on the chart. Your doctor will then adjust the lenses in the phoroptor to determine the prescription necessary for that eye.

4. When the doctor is finished with the first eye, he will proceed to test your other eye and come up with a combination of prescription lenses to provide you with your best vision.

Refractions & Contact Lens Exams in Lincoln, NE

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