Contact Lens User? Prevent Eye Infections!

ID-100129517A warning to those who regularly wear contact lenses: you have a higher risk of acquiring a local eye infection compared to those who do not wear contact lenses. Mind you, eye infections are not a thing to easily ignore. If left untreated, the condition can lead to a permanent impairment in vision or even blindness. In worse case scenarios, it can even lead to death.

Then again, there is no need to fret. You can still wear contact lenses as often as you like as eye infections can be easily prevented.

  1. Avoid common mistakes that people with contact lenses make.

Remember when your eye doctor taught you to avoid wearing your lenses when swimming or showering? Apparently, he was not kidding. Always follow the instructions given to you, such as appropriately storing your contacts and properly disinfecting them with the right lens solution (and not with tap water).

  1. Take part in preventing eye infections.

It is important to regularly see your eye doctor for examinations, especially if you wear contact lenses. As prescribed by your eye care specialist, your contact lenses may have to be replaced after a certain period of time.

  1. Don’t wear your lenses in activities involving water contact.

It is important to remove your contact lenses before showering, swimming, or bathing in a hot tub. Any exposure to water can easily contaminate your lenses and get you at risk for eye infections.

  1. Handwashing is always vital.

This is especially true when handling contact lenses. To avoid contaminating them with germs and bacteria, it is important to thoroughly wash your hands with water and soap prior to handling your contact lenses.

  1. Clean your lenses regularly.

When cleaning your contacts, use the appropriate cleansing solution. Never use saline solution as a replacement. Plus, reusing an old solution or mixing it with a new one will only increase your risk for an infection.

Eye Infections in Lincoln, NE

In case of eye infections, give us a call immediately at (402) 483-2323 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Forgey. Dr. Forgey is a Lincoln eye doctor with extensive experience in treating eye infections and can provide you with the appropriate treatment based on your eye condition.


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